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Tattoo by Brian Ulibarri 18253017_146852692520619_2831319059444793344_n 17933947_1312377635516841_8461385941657845760_n 17494842_1391147107610659_8863218816969080832_n Tattoo by Brian Ulibarri 13704154_306864029646811_372560788_n 14596850_217086788732689_3438695158143516672_n 14359320_1759523724316493_4923645358745059328_n 13320030_727487740687896_373390259_n 13118137_1006382686108495_987961312_n Tattoos by Brian Ulibarri 13736047_219217415141063_2116050069_n 12530910_806432646167468_1220544264_n 12917907_762061190596699_234371171_n 12256740_1072957332746673_1175243324_n 12558861_1555774644745520_626517219_n 12093333_1505357546448704_434872447_n 12142514_837199103046008_2059808361_n 12145256_1154285411266587_1319451567_n  282 300 208 355 

My Story:

I am a father, husband and Christian tattoo artist originally from Raton New Mexico in 1997 I moved to Denver and lived there for twenty years. My new chapter of life will be in Santa Fe New Mexico starting May 2018. I have always been a traditional media artist, drawing and painting all my life. A ball point pen, acrylic and watercolor is what I’m best at. I like to do portraits and surrealism with lots of detail. I was a member of CHAC Art Gallery (Chicano Humanities Art Council). Now hoping to be a part of the thriving art community of Santa Fe New Mexico.  I started tattooing in 2006 apprenticing at a shop in Denver where I worked for three years. I am a tattoo artist by appointment only now and I travel for conventions and guest spots as well. I design most everything I tattoo and I work mostly in: realism, painting effects, surrealistic, big custom pieces and portraits are my favorite. I’ll be tattooing at Old Larimer Street Tattoos 2229 Larimer st Denver co 80205 until May. If  you’re interested in getting some work done let me know as soon as possible to make an appointment…..   email:  




Movie Portraits:

I have a love for movies and movie themed portraits, I want to fill my portfolio with them…..   Email  your ideas…

Watercolor Portraits:

This painted style portrait is a style I really want to do more of. You can find a similar style in my art gallery, something I really want to bring to my tattoos as well. Email your ideas…

Inked Online Magazine:

Check out my Artist Interview on Inked Magazine Online for some more background on me…

Tat2 Magazine Online:

Check out my Artist Interview from Tat2 Magazine Online for a more in depth background on me…  


Summer Ink Tour 2016

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This summer I’ll be hitting all the following cities with guest spots and conventions I am looking to do just a few large pieces I can finish in each city. I am only focusing on photo realism, portraits, surrealism. For idea submissions click the email link under the city you are in and I will get back to you. Please be sure to mention in the subject line which city you are in and include a description, pics of the area you want tattooed, style, rough size estimate and any reference photos I might need to look at for the design. I will try to respond to everyone in a timely manner, thanks!

Tattoo Submission >>


Tattoo Submission >>


Tattoo Submission >>


Tattoo Submission >>



For this convention I will be selecting tattoos from my booked appointments depending on what competitions are being done on which day. They should be announcing it soon and I will be in contact with you, thanks…



Golden State Tattoo Expo 2016

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The Golden State Expo was in Pasadena California and extremely stacked with great artists from everywhere. I had the opportunity to do some real creative pieces, here are some pics from the weekend.






This was from one of my Inktober drawing prints I was selling at the show.



Doc Holiday from Tombstone



This was one of the concepts I came up with specifically for Golden State



Some extra pics from the show it was an awesome time!
12479204_899489510171130_6785902_n 12558256_1019243934815673_2048153381_n