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This is my portfolio for my fine art and illustrations. My main interest is in surrealistic/stylized portraits.
Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning me for some artwork.

Prints of ALL artwork is now available by request, prints will be mailed out with in 24 hours during weekdays.

12298903_945939435473443_1366367686_n8 X 14 – $20

5 X 7 – $15

4 X 6 – $10

To place orders email

Inktober 2016

14624802_347376175627238_8941481869950582784_n 14733313_312426485807294_4450834846037573632_n 14723554_1103453559704135_2651883808378322944_n 14565121_1142082002553273_7158211500190990336_n 14553339_1147443455339239_3702242383014920192_n 14309679_1784293498505156_5884628051953713152_n


“Lauryn Hill”

This was a birthday present for my lovely wife who I owe so much to.  This is a ball point pen drawing with watercolor on a wood plank.


“Ready to Paint”

This is my second oil painting done for  Urban’s Tattoo Studio in Arlington Texas. I’ll be guest spotting there: July 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2016


Self Portrait & Morely Church

This is my very first Oil Painting I did for an art exhibit called “Sinner Saints & Self-Portraits” at CHAC Art Gallery opening July 1st



Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis from the Butch Coolidge character in Pulp Fiction. Aside from him being another story of personal inspiration to me and being awesome; I drew this for my oldest son who is a huge fan of him: 8×10 ballpoint pen on halftone illustration board.



Recreated this watercolor I did around 20 years ago at my wife’s request, it was always one of my favorites as well but it sold to the High School and is still there.
Watercolor 18×24


Jim Carrey

Pen Drawing of the great Jim Carrey, he is a family favorite for sure but especially to my daughter who I drew this for. If you haven’t heard him talk about his father and the lesson he had taught him about doing what you love and not what’s practical, it’s very inspiring.


Tim Burton

Another pen drawing with some added colored pencil and paint splashes for some extra style. I am going to do a series of inspirational figures of all media in no particular order Tim Burton definitely fits that category!



Inktober 2015

Inktober is a fun artist challenge to try to do one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October. Easier said then done! I came up a little short but these were my favorites and will be for sale soon…

1739996_627629894043454_1579325365_n 12145107_469801639869136_802864150_n 12145025_1663412297262518_370399141_n 12106102_424370384418314_623921467_n 12144330_1707861999433986_1820710967_n 12139879_1010495282306970_921887328_n 12120315_1633281270286473_17179649_n 12142321_1480291362274679_1399306132_n 12093736_948808381832483_1324756630_n 12120267_1674585796087781_120161963_n

I absolutely loved doing this and it’ll be a yearly thing for sure!


A mixed media piece with water color and ballpoint pen.

This was my Dia De Los Muertos submission for 2015

FOR SALE  $300 Contact me for purchasing:



Frida Kahlo

A mixed media piece with water color, colored pencil, and ballpoint pen.

Yes, another Frida piece this time more of o surrealistic piece.




Frida Kahlo

A mixed media piece with water color, colored pencil, and ballpoint pen.

A tribute to the life and art of Frida Kahlo both equally filled with heart break, drama yet inspiring and legendary. She is known as a Hispanic Art icon and well respected as an amazing artist by everyone!



Christopher Walken

A mixed media piece with water color, colored pencil, and ballpoint pen.

I recently discovered that I love this style of art by realizing all of my favorite pieces I kept for my self all have a detailed drawing over a colored background and paint splattered highlights. I also realized my love for finely detailed caricature portraits. The meaning behind the Christopher Walken portrait has not been revealed to me yet or may never but he is awesome, so who cares….



Viviendos Sueno Americanos

A mixed media piece with water color, and ballpoint pen.

The first experiment of this particular style and this combination of mixed media. I intended it to be a full water color with a little pen drawing in it but ounce I started with the pen I couldn’t stop I love the high contrast of the black and white…